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Learning about Web 2.0


Trying out sending a blog post with a picture from Flock… Using the picture from Rendez project.

And this seems to work like a dream… yet an other new thing that I’ve learned from David Ing, my personal guide into web 2.0 world during the Rendez project and long before that. During the past years David has introduced me so many new things in practice before I even knew what they were called, blogs, RSS-feeds, mashups etc.

My other special guide is my son Tomi, now 14 years. He helped me get started with Second Life, about 1.5 years ago. it was amazing to watch him navigate in 3D virtual world like a native, even he had never been there before, but he knew exactly what to do and what was the logic there – since he had played quite a few other games like Runescape.

Several other people have been very helpful David’s friend Doug McDavid, whom I met several times in Second Life, we had long discussions there by IBM’s Almaden Island. Luis Suarez and Roo Reynolds kindly were sharing their experiences related to social media and 3D virtual worlds in IBM’s iForum in November and in their blogs.

New web 2.0 technologies are incredible, and it is entertaining to experiment with them. But the most amazing thing is that you can be so easily connected to people – that is the absolutely most valuable thing !

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The Quest begins

For quite some time, I have been looking into blogging. Tried out one for the Rendez -research project , focusing on innovation, one in MySpace mainly for trials in social media and my sister who lives in US, one in Vox just try out the layout and settings and just started one work related blog in Nokia focusing on benchmarking, market intelligence in the areas of quality and innovation.

I’ve been following blogs by Kaisa related to her adventurous expatriate periods in Egypt and the Netherlands, White Country -blog by Outi related to her handcraft, David Ing’s several blogs of his work and travels , Elina’s blog of weak signals … and I have been thinking what would my blog be about. What could be my approach? Why would I do it? What would be my motivation?

And then about a year ago I run into blog Gumption by Joe McCarthy ex-colleague. His blog has been helpful several times, his writings and toughs on innovation, reward and recognition, social media, personal reflections of life etc. And finally also I realized what could be my motivation in blogging. It would be learning and reflection and possibility for sharing, don’t know with whom, maybe nobody, time will tell how things will evolve.

Personally I will use blogging also to remember better and hope it will allow me getting back to things in a different way. I’ve been writing personal notebooks, journals for decades for many purposes drawing mid maps, and describing life cycles periodically, and it is rather seldom I get back to these materials. But when I do, I notice same themes emerging over and over again. Blogging could help in reflection and lethat is what I’m after. Interesting to see how this will evolve.

Currently I’m also writing my PhD dissertation on innovation and I’ve been delaying starting a blog until that is done. The day is getting closer and I don’t want to wait any more. I want to write, write, write and need several channels for that. So the Quest begins.

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