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This weekend we will have an opportunity to meet with old friends in Hämeenlinna. 25 years ago I graduated from Hämeenlinnan Lyseon Lukio. And now it is time to get together with class mates and old teachers.


First there will be a session at the old school with traditional coffee and cake, introduction to schools new premises and donating a grant for successful students who graduate this year, actually within a couple of weeks. In the evening we will continue with a dinner party at Vanajanlinna . There will be ~ 50 people participating, and it will be so interesting to see and hear what has happened within the past 25 year.

It is odd to think that I never actually left the school life. After graduation I have been continuously studying for the next degree. After graduation I had been admitted to the Helsinki University of Technology TKK, yet I decided to spend a year in a very different context at Lepaa Rural Home Making School – that school does dot exist any more, but the neighbor Lepaa Gardening School is still there. It was actually during that year when I had my first official introduction to gardening. We could use the facilities for the neighbor school, which provided excellent opportunities for learning in practical context. After that I entered TKK and have been studying or working there ever since on and off. Now finally that stage of life will be over, but I guess learning will always be part of my life. But this weekend will be a great opportunity for reflection and celebration.


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