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Blogging of Life, for Life

Outi has been writing White Country – blog since January 2007 and it has actually changed her life. She writes about things she makes, loves, enjoys – simple things in life. Sharing experiences of joy, delightful pictures and decoration and handicraft ideas and there is with a wide and active community following her blog. Outi recently changed her job … she will be working for Ihana Living. She is heading for a new career as an entrepreneur.

Outi writings today reminded me of Life

“I try to live a slow simple life. It’s my philosophy in life. Those three words capture the things I value and respect. To be actually present in my life, not a bystander. To be driven by things I truly find important. To do things I find pleasure in. To have the courage and strength to follow my heart. To work hard and to be humbled by little things. To feel valuable. To truly treasure each moment in life. I try to tear myself away from stress, rush and pressure, they’re allowed in small amounts but not so much as to fill my life.

The saddest thing is that so many people are driven by money, and what is money? It’s a piece of paper, or a string of bits. Money gives no true sense of belonging or of connecting with people.”

Reflections of life …. so refreshing and different from “tech” blogs, that I usually follow.
Both kinds are enjoyable, valuable and quite exciting.


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