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I’ve created a new site of my own  www.minnatakala.com
– actually already in last November.

Looking forward seeing you there.

– Minna


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Few days ago I finally got my looong waited new gadget N900. During past few days have been setting it up and have tried various features, created direct links to favorite services etc. And it works like a dream, and I’ve decided to use it as much as possible, so far really pleasant experience.

Adding pictures seems to be possible, but rather slow and troublesome compared to Flock. We spent last weekend by summer cottage, very nice especially Ronja enjoyed playing by the lake.

Writing seems to be easy, so I just might end up blogging more often.

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testing out Ping …

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Yesterday I had opportunity to attend EVA – Seminar introducing Global Business Scenarios for 2020. While the near future seems to be rather turbulent for global business, companies and individuals as well, it is good good to stop for a while and consider alternative future scenarios.

In his opening speech Jorma Ollila -Nokia’s and EVA’s Chairman, reminded that no one has capability to foresee and predict the future, however we need to consider alternatives and choose our activities so that we can have impact toward desired directions. “In the current challenging economic situation we cannot allow fear to paralyze our thinking.” Wide group of people from Finnish companies, and other institutions had participated in the scenario process, while alarming news from global business world were creating dark storm clouds all over the world, making the work even more essential.

The report introduces 4 alternative global scenarioseva-scenarios

* West Re-invents Itself – quick economic recovery and strong linkages of Europe &  US
* Chinese Capitalism – Asia takes the lead in the global business world
* Battle of the Blocks – long difficult recession with slow recovery – linkages between Europe &  Russia strengthened
*Stimulus &  Decline – long, ever lasting , economic crisis, – international conflicts & crisis, decline of international co-operation

It was very interesting to hear description & reflections of these alternative futures. And think what could this mean for the future of Nokia. No matter how the world changes – there will always be business opportunities!

The study also provided some aspects in the future that will be inevitable, no matter what scenario will be dominant …

* Globalization will remain important
* Role of China & India will increase … also Africa
* Energy consumption will keep growing
* World’s population will continue growing exponentially
* Growing average age of population in OECD countries
* The importance of food production will increase
* Public sector will be challenged by demands of effectiveness
* Technologies will develop with increasing speed
* Role of information networks & Social Media will increase
* Ecological view & role of environment will increase
* More emphasis on security on global, national, and individual level
* Need for competencies & innovation capabilities will be strengthened
* The battle for talent will be more intense & number of mobile global workforce will rise
* Business models will be renewed

The report (in Finnish ) is available from here.

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This weekend we will have an opportunity to meet with old friends in Hämeenlinna. 25 years ago I graduated from Hämeenlinnan Lyseon Lukio. And now it is time to get together with class mates and old teachers.


First there will be a session at the old school with traditional coffee and cake, introduction to schools new premises and donating a grant for successful students who graduate this year, actually within a couple of weeks. In the evening we will continue with a dinner party at Vanajanlinna . There will be ~ 50 people participating, and it will be so interesting to see and hear what has happened within the past 25 year.

It is odd to think that I never actually left the school life. After graduation I have been continuously studying for the next degree. After graduation I had been admitted to the Helsinki University of Technology TKK, yet I decided to spend a year in a very different context at Lepaa Rural Home Making School – that school does dot exist any more, but the neighbor Lepaa Gardening School is still there. It was actually during that year when I had my first official introduction to gardening. We could use the facilities for the neighbor school, which provided excellent opportunities for learning in practical context. After that I entered TKK and have been studying or working there ever since on and off. Now finally that stage of life will be over, but I guess learning will always be part of my life. But this weekend will be a great opportunity for reflection and celebration.

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University fo Tokyo
, Todai as I learned today, campus has amazing trees. There is many things in common Finnish and Japanese values and appreciation of nature is one of these.

Today I was giving a presentation on university-industry collaboration in International Business University Forum event organized by the Business-University Forum in Japan at Tokyo University. Event was opened by the president of the university, Kimijama Hiroshi. And introductory notes were given by Executive Director Shuzaburo Takeda. Presentations started with Mutsuhiro Arinobu from Toshiba Corporation and his views and expectations., and then was my turn. So we were presenting voice from industry. And later there were 2 panels with university presidents and professors from Japan and US.

It is fascinating to see how global companies and universities share same challenges and how global and local we are at the same time. Themes related to services, experiences, innovation, quality, sustainability, changing societies, were discussed from many perspectives. Menji University’s Professor Hiromi Naya’s idealistic speech of possible role of higher education.

” … Learning must not remain as new findings or an accumulation of facts. This knowledge should be used to benefit mankind … It is true that each country has its own characteristics and features. With this in mind, we need to accomplish both the wealth of the nation and symbiotic relationship that seeks the realization of a true and stable peace.To pursue this symbiotic relationship, there is a strong demand to develop human resources with sophisticated global knowledge. From this perspective, I believe that that true global peace can be accomplished through higher education. In addition, the wealth of nations is aimed at raising the living standards of each and every nation. ”


If there is something else than saunas, mobile phones and Linux that Finland can give to the world – that would be education for all … but maybe that idea is not that far. At the end of May Nokia launched Mobiledu application in China. That enables studying together with a new kind of platform for learning. I will give on Saturday a key note speech in Niigata Symposium and discuss current development of “Innovation University” and this further.
But more after that …

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